Eagle is a universal symbol. It’s broad wings, a powerful beak, talons, a fast flight and an extremely keen eyesight had impressed, excited human imagination. That’s how it became a subject of a very rich symbolism.  Being the king of birds it is a messenger of the Sun because it can look at this celestial fire without any fear. In the Biblical tradition eagles symbolise angels. Continue reading Eagle


The kindness of dolphins was observed and described from the ancient times. They are very sociable and friendly with people. The image representing two dolphins means friendship.

Dolphin is a symbol of divination, wisdom and prudence. In Greek mythology dolphin was a mediator between this world and the immortal one: it was a guide of souls. That’s why in Christian symbolism it represented Christ. Continue reading Dolphin


In Baltic mythology stork is a beloved one because it kills insects and reptiles: flies, mosquito, snakes and other malicious and poisonous creatures. There is a saying : “Vigilant as a stork in in a meadow”.  People build nests for storks in their homesteads with hope that this bird will choose it and will stay with them. It is said that storks bring happiness and prosperity to the families. Storks bring children as well. That corresponds to the fact that storks are migrant birds and they return when nature is awakening. Continue reading Stork