The most remarkable features of bees are that they are very organised, laborious, disciplined, tireless.  They are seen as an example for the whole society from the ancient times. For example it was a royal symbol in Chaldea. In Ancient Egypt it was associated with a lightning. It was said that bees were born from the tears of the solar God Ra. In Greek religion a bee was a symbol of soul and was identified with Demeter, the goddess of the harvest and the fertility. Continue reading Bee


Cuckoo appears in many Lithuanian fairy tales, songs and legends. People noticed it’s strange voice and tried to explain this phenomena. The most often it was seen as a complaint and a groan. In one fairy tale a woman loses her three sons in war and finally becomes a cuckoo affected by a deep sorrow. She goes to different countries in the world to look for the tombs of her sons. That’s why a cuckoo stands for symbol of a woman who lost someone she loved or who suffers from some misery. Continue reading Cuckoo