In Genesis the raven is a symbol of perspicacity, because it is the one which verifies if the land has already appeared out of the water after the flood.

In Greece it was a solar symbol and the sacred bird of Apollo. It also has the role of the messenger of Gods and accomplishes the prophetic functions. Continue reading Raven

Snake (serpent)

Snake is a very distinctive animal which, on one hand, is very simple – cold, without legs, without hair- but, it’s symbolism is very rich and various, it’s a subject to all types of representations and metamorphosis. Being an absolute contrast to the human being, it incarnates the inferior psyche, it is something what is incomprehensible and mysterious. It’s an abstract line, without beginning and without ending, but it’s a line which is alive. Continue reading Snake (serpent)


Lamb is the symbol of renewal, victory of life upon the death, gentleness, tenderness, innocence. It is a perfect victim which should be sacrificed to assure someones salvation. The cult of Dionysus and his devotees were one of the first to use this symbol. They used to throw lambs to a chasm to ease Pylaochos, the guardian of the infernal gate. Thus the God could reappear on the coast of the lake Lerna, where from he descended to the underworld to look for his mother. Continue reading Lamb