Lion is the incarnation of power, wisdom and justice. He is the king of all animals, strong, sovereign, solar symbol. Sometimes, in contrary, his extreme pride leads him to a tyranny. His symbolism balances between admiration and intolerance. Krishna, Buddha (lion of Shakya) and Christ (lion of Judah) are called lions. As symbol of justice, he is a guarantor of the material and spiritual power.  Statues of  lions decorated the thrones of king Solomon, kings of France and medieval Bishops.  Lion serves as the throne to Buddha. Continue reading Lion


The symbolism of the dove reflects it’s beauty, elegance, whiteness and the gentle cooing sound. It is also very sociable what enforce the positivism of it’s symbolism. It is the universal symbol of peace.
In Judeo-Christian symbolism the dove is the symbol of purity, simplicity, peace, harmony and hope. It brings an olive branch to the Arch of Noah. It also represents the vital principal or soul. In New Testament it symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The dove as the Holy Spirit appeared during the Baptism of Christ. Continue reading Dove


The symbolism of the cat is ambiguous and balancing between goodness and evil.

Symbolism of evil

Cats looked mysterious creatures for humans, especially black ones, so they became the symbol of bad luck or  the forces of darkness and even were associated with magic in Western tradition. No wonder that the black cat is one of the symbols of the Halloween.

In Kabbalah as in Bouddhism the cat is associated with  the serpent: it represents the sin, sometimes depicted at the feet of Christ. Continue reading Cat