352px-lucas_cranach_the_elder_adam_and_eveApple is related to knowledge conferring immortality or distinctive knowledge causing the fall. In Alchemy, the Golden apple is a symbol of sulfur. Apple contains in its center a five-pointed star or pentagram, that’s why it was considered as a symbol of knowledge and freedom. Being spherical in shape, the apple signifies totality. It symbolizes earthly desires, the warning to Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, came from the God, as a warning against materialistic desire. The intellect or the thirst for knowledge is an intermediate zone between earthly desire and pure spirituality.

In the Christian religion it represents the Fall of Man, the Original Sin. The Holy Scriptures do not mention what sort the tree of knowledge belonged to. The apple tree became the tree of knowledge because the Latin word malum stands for apple tree and evil. It is also a symbol of redemption when represented in the hands of the Christ child or the Virgin.

Hercules’ Eleventh labor was to bring the golden apples of immortality from the Garden of Hesperides. The apple is an attribute of Venus. In one of the myths, the golden apple from the Garden of Hesperides over which Venus, Minerva, and Juno contended, has been awarded to Venus, the goddess of love, by Paris. This apple of discord caused the Trojan War.

In the Baltic mythology an apple tree is a tree of Sun or Life. In the folk songs an apple tree is related to a young woman, future mother. An apple is not only a symbol of fertility but also of love and youth.