The most remarkable features of bees are that they are very organised, laborious, disciplined, tireless.  They are seen as an example for the whole society from the ancient times. For example it was a royal symbol in Chaldea. In Ancient Egypt it was associated with a lightning. It was said that bees were born from the tears of the solar God Ra. In Greek religion a bee was a symbol of soul and was identified with Demeter, the goddess of the harvest and the fertility.

The ideal organisation of society was declared to be monarchy and bees were the best example of that.

In Christian symbolism it represents the immortality of soul and signifies the resurrection. During three months of winter it seems to disappear as Christ was dead for three days before his resurrection. The bee’s sting was associated with the Judgment Day.It is also a sign of wisdom.

The beehive is a symbol in the third degree of Freemasonry. Societies are only able to accomplish large tasks when they cooperate while separate individuals are of limited capacities.  All members should participate actively in order to gain power.

Lithuania was always famous for it’s forests. In the period of paleolith the inhabitants of those forests discovered bees and their sweet product honey. The Lithuanian etymology of the word “medus” (honey) comes from the word “medis” (tree) because honey was found in the trees. The Lithuanian name of a bee “bite” comes from Proto-Indo-European word *bʱi-. Honey, mead and wax were very important commodities in 13th century.  In Baltic mythology a bee is a sacred creature. The goddess of bees is Austeja. She was responsible for the fertility and growth. Austeja was a patron of families as well.

It’s daily work is devoted to the glory of God and to the benefit of a man. That’s why in Churches wax candles are being burned during the Mass. It is not allowed to curse, nor to nickname or talk about it without respect. It was seen as a sin to rip out the beehive or hollow. Stolen bees were useless. Bees are disappearing when people do not respect them and become bad. They feel if a man is good or bad. It is said that when good people will disappear, bees will disappear with them. There will be no wax anymore, thus there won’t be candles, priests won’t be able to conduct the Mass and to pray God to absolve sins of people and then the end of the world will come.


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