The rooster, as the bird of dawn, is a positive, solar symbol, announcing the arrival of the new day. It is a sacred animal of Apollo, Mars and Mercury. Immolated to Priapus and Aesculapius, it was supposed to cure the sick. During the Middle Ages it became a highly important Christian image, nearly always appearing on the highest weathervane, on cathedral towers and domes, and was regarded as an allegory of vigilance and resurrection. The cock announcing the sunrise is sometimes associated with the Resurrection of Christ. The rooster is also as an emblem of light dispelling darkness and announcing the light of Christ as it rises in the East. The rooster is a symbol of pride because of its appearance. Recently it became an emblem of France since the word gallus, meaning the cock, is similar to Gallic. The rooster as a Masonic symbol is a sign of vigilance and the advent of the initiation light. It corresponds to the alchemical mercury.


Archangel MichaelAngels are invisible forces, mediators between God or the Source of Life and the World. They are purely spiritual creatures, sometimes having ethereal body, playing the role of messengers, guardians, protectors, etc.  Angels form the Army of God, his Court, his House. They play an important role in the Bible. They are organised in hierarchies of seven Orders, nine Choirs and three Triades. Their hierarchy depends on their proximity to the throne. Six-winged angels are called Seraphs. They surround the throne of God. The three main Archangels are Michael (winner of the dragons), Gabriel (messenger and initiator) and Raphael (guide of the doctors and travelers). In alchemy, the angel symbolizes sublimation, the ascension of a volatile (spiritual) principle.

Symbols of Alchemy – Hermaphrodite

king-alchemy-186x300One of the ideas of the alchemy is that every human being is a hermaphrodite – within every man there is a spiritual woman and within every woman there is a spiritual man. In addition, there is also a dragon. Every ordinary man leads a dragon and every man must eventually slay that dragon. In alchemy the Sun-male is often called the King and the Moon-female – the Queen. The King and the Queen together are sometimes as lovers, sometimes as a hermaphrodite. It’s a symbol of harmony, whole man and whole woman.