352px-lucas_cranach_the_elder_adam_and_eveApple is related to knowledge conferring immortality or distinctive knowledge causing the fall. In Alchemy, the Golden apple is a symbol of sulfur. Apple contains in its center a five-pointed star or pentagram, that’s why it was considered as a symbol of knowledge and freedom. Being spherical in shape, the apple signifies totality. It symbolizes earthly desires, the warning to Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, came from the God, as a warning against materialistic desire. The intellect or the thirst for knowledge is an intermediate zone between earthly desire and pure spirituality. Continue reading Apple


As owls avoid light they symbolise sadness, obscurity, melancholy.

In Greek mythology it is an interpreter of Atropos (Morta as Roman equivalent), one of the Fates who cuts the thread of the destiny. As a symbol of wisdom, it was a bird of Athena.

In Egypt it represents cold, night and death.

In Baltic mythology, owl is a bird of the Death Goddess Giltine (from the verb gelti – to sting). In the beginning, Goddess had the form of this bird. Owl’s scary voice predicted disasters: death, fire, birth of an illegitimate baby. The owl was also a bird of darkness, night, the Goddess of the Moon. On the other hand, the owl was a sacred bird, wise, solving important human problems.

In Rigveda the owl was the prophet of death and the bird of the dead.


The symbolism of the dove reflects it’s beauty, elegance, whiteness and the gentle cooing sound. It is also very sociable what enforce the positivism of it’s symbolism. It is the universal symbol of peace.
In Judeo-Christian symbolism the dove is the symbol of purity, simplicity, peace, harmony and hope. It brings an olive branch to the Arch of Noah. It also represents the vital principal or soul. In New Testament it symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The dove as the Holy Spirit appeared during the Baptism of Christ. Continue reading Dove


In Baltic mythology stork is a beloved one because it kills insects and reptiles: flies, mosquito, snakes and other malicious and poisonous creatures. There is a saying : “Vigilant as a stork in in a meadow”.  People build nests for storks in their homesteads with hope that this bird will choose it and will stay with them. It is said that storks bring happiness and prosperity to the families. Storks bring children as well. That corresponds to the fact that storks are migrant birds and they return when nature is awakening. Continue reading Stork


The most remarkable features of bees are that they are very organised, laborious, disciplined, tireless.  They are seen as an example for the whole society from the ancient times. For example it was a royal symbol in Chaldea. In Ancient Egypt it was associated with a lightning. It was said that bees were born from the tears of the solar God Ra. In Greek religion a bee was a symbol of soul and was identified with Demeter, the goddess of the harvest and the fertility. Continue reading Bee


Cuckoo appears in many Lithuanian fairy tales, songs and legends. People noticed it’s strange voice and tried to explain this phenomena. The most often it was seen as a complaint and a groan. In one fairy tale a woman loses her three sons in war and finally becomes a cuckoo affected by a deep sorrow. She goes to different countries in the world to look for the tombs of her sons. That’s why a cuckoo stands for symbol of a woman who lost someone she loved or who suffers from some misery. Continue reading Cuckoo