Regarded with suspicion by many cultures. In Ancient Germanic cultures, it represented slander and wickedness. In the Cristian imagination the squirrel is seen as a symbol of Satan and evil in general. It can also have a reputation for greed and avarice. It has also been represented as a pet, especially in portraits of women from the fourteenth century onward.


Grapes symbolize fertility and sacrifice (particularly when the wine is the colour of blood). Wine frequently appears as a symbol both of youth and of eternal life.
In the earliest times, the supreme ideogram of life was a vine-leaf. According to Eliade, the Mother-Goddess was known by the Primitives as “The Goddess of the Vines”, representing the unfailing source of natural creation. The vine is also an attribute of Bacchus, god of wine. The plant is often mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, also considered as a symbol of Christ and his sacrifice. I the Gospel of John Jesus says: “I am the true wine”. Grapes and wine refer to the Passion of Christ and evoke the Last Supper and the Eucharist. Wine is also a symbol of knowledge and initiation. 



egyptian_relief_thoth_large_01Ibis is related to the Egyptian god of wisdom, magic, astronomy, medicine, scribes – Thoth. The belief was that he taught the Egyptian people the occult arts and sciences.

He was assimilated to the Greek god Hermes and some of his esoteric characteristics were attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, the author of the Hermetic Corpus.

The shape of his beak symbolizes the crescent Moon.

In the Book of Job the ibis has a power of divination, he can predict the floods of the Nile river.


egyptian-crossThe symbolism of the cross is complex. Like the Tree of Life, the cross stands for the world axis. Placed in the mystic Centre of the Cosmos, it becomes the bridge for the soul to reach God. The cross affirms the primary relationship between the two worlds of the celestial and the earthly. It also stands for the conjunction of opposites. Hence its significance as a symbol for agony, struggle and martyrdom. When the cross is T-shaped, it emphasizes the near-equilibrium of the opposing principles. Continue reading Cross


Archangel MichaelAngels are invisible forces, mediators between God or the Source of Life and the World. They are purely spiritual creatures, sometimes having ethereal body, playing the role of messengers, guardians, protectors, etc.  Angels form the Army of God, his Court, his House. They play an important role in the Bible. They are organised in hierarchies of seven Orders, nine Choirs and three Triades. Their hierarchy depends on their proximity to the throne. Six-winged angels are called Seraphs. They surround the throne of God. The three main Archangels are Michael (winner of the dragons), Gabriel (messenger and initiator) and Raphael (guide of the doctors and travelers). In alchemy, the angel symbolizes sublimation, the ascension of a volatile (spiritual) principle.


botticelli-birth-of-venusThe myth tells us that the goddess of love Venus was born out of sea foam and carried on a conch-shell to Cyprus. In Christian culture the seashell represents man’s grave before resurrection. In Renaissance paintings the shell is pictured as an attribute of Mary, John the Baptist uses it for Christ’s baptism as a possible allusion of Christ’s future Resurrection.It is also an attribute of the Saint James, the patron of pilgrims.

As related to Water element, the seashell is a symbol of fertility, the Moon and the Woman.


352px-lucas_cranach_the_elder_adam_and_eveApple is related to knowledge conferring immortality or distinctive knowledge causing the fall. In Alchemy, the Golden apple is a symbol of sulfur. Apple contains in its center a five-pointed star or pentagram, that’s why it was considered as a symbol of knowledge and freedom. Being spherical in shape, the apple signifies totality. It symbolizes earthly desires, the warning to Adam and Eve not to eat the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden, came from the God, as a warning against materialistic desire. The intellect or the thirst for knowledge is an intermediate zone between earthly desire and pure spirituality. Continue reading Apple