In general, cows, as producers of milk, are the symbols of the nursing Mother.

In Ancient Egypt the cow was a symbol of fertility, richness and renewal. She was the mother of Sun. The Goddess Ahet was represented as a head of the sacred cow holding a solar disc between her horns. In the Egyptian pantheon the Goddess Hathor contains different aspects of the cow. She is the hope of survival, the ruler and body of the sky, the living soul of trees. She was represented as a young woman, kind and smiling, the goddess of joy, dancing and music. She is the personification of  Milky Way. Hathor was also considered as a Queen of the World of the dead. The goddess was responsible for feeding  the pharaoh with her milk.

In Ancient Greece Hathor was associated with Aphrodite and in Rome with Venus.

In India cows are sacred animals. They are celebrated in Veda  as being fertile mothers and playing cosmic and divine role.  The cow is like a cloud full of fertile rain.