The symbolism of the dove reflects it’s beauty, elegance, whiteness and the gentle cooing sound. It is also very sociable what enforce the positivism of it’s symbolism. It is the universal symbol of peace.
In Judeo-Christian symbolism the dove is the symbol of purity, simplicity, peace, harmony and hope. It brings an olive branch to the Arch of Noah. It also represents the vital principal or soul. In New Testament it symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The dove as the Holy Spirit appeared during the Baptism of Christ.
In pagan religions the dove is not opposed to the carnal love but, in contrary, associated to it. It is the bird of Aphrodite and represents the fulfillment in love offered by the lover to the object of his desire. Two doves figured together stand for two lovers.
In Baltic mythology the dove is the bird of Milda, the goddess of love and freedom. The dove represents love. The forth month of the year (April) is called “the dove” in Lithuania. In Ancient times this month was dedicated to Milda. The souls of good people gain the shape of a cuckoo or a dove after death. For example, in the folk songs, killed son or man becomes a dove. In the tale “The dove” two children ask their dead mother to convert them into doves to escape from the troubles of this world. They become birds but they miss people that’s why they come back to the village and live in the places where their mother used to walk when being alive. They coo day after day and bemoan their fate. The more they cry, the more they love each other.

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