Lamb is the symbol of renewal, victory of life upon the death, gentleness, tenderness, innocence. It is a perfect victim which should be sacrificed to assure someones salvation. The cult of Dionysus and his devotees were one of the first to use this symbol. They used to throw lambs to a chasm to ease Pylaochos, the guardian of the infernal gate. Thus the God could reappear on the coast of the lake Lerna, where from he descended to the underworld to look for his mother.

With the Hebrew Revelation the lamb or the sheep symbolizes Israelite,  member of God’s  herd. Christianity retook this image. Even today in Jewish, Christian and Muslim symbolism the lamb is the victim to be sacrificed, the Renewal in Jewish Easter, in Christian Easter, death and resurrection of Christ, the lamb of God, and sacrifice of Ramadan.

When John the Baptist saw Jesus for the first time, he called him the lamb of God who destroys the sin of the world, which is, first of all, related to the sacrifice. This image is the main accent of Easter mentioned Peter :Christians were liberated as Israel from Egypt was in ancient times through the blood of  the lamb, Jesus Christ. John and Paul affirm that Jesus’ death perfectly accomplish the sacrifice of the paschal lamb.

The primitive Christianity links to the prophecy of the Old Testament where the suffering messiah is announced, symbolized by the image of lamb led to the abattoir.   The lamb is on the mountain of Zion and in the center of the divine Jerusalem, in Apocalypse.

In order to avoid the confusion in similar symbols, the Council held in Constantinople in 692 ordered to represent Christ on the cross and not in the form of the lamb, not surrounded by the Sun and the Moon but possessing human features.

White color of the lamb stands for purity. Masonic symbol of the lamb also signifies innocence and purity.

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