Panther, as Tiger or Lion, symbolizes ferocity, power and valor.  It is related to the dark Moon because of the blackness of it’s pelt.

In Ancient myths Panther is pictured as a big cat with a multicolored fur. In Greek mythology Panther (or leopard) was a totemic symbol of Dionysus. His priests wore panther-skins. In Greek language the word “panther” is interpreted as “all the beasts”.

In Bestiary of Pierre de Beauvais, Panther wakes up after three days of sleep ant roars: a pleasant smell comes out of  it’s mouth which attracts other animals to come towards Panther. The Dragon, or Devil, is afraid of Panther. It is related to Jesus Christ who reappears from the darkness three days later and attracts people towards him as well. In Bestiary of Love by Richard de Fournival, author describes five sensations of humans and names animals which represent them. He tells that the man is seduced by the mild odor of her lover and cannot leave her as all animals are attracted by the smell of Panther.