The rooster, as the bird of dawn, is a positive, solar symbol, announcing the arrival of the new day. It is a sacred animal of Apollo, Mars and Mercury. Immolated to Priapus and Aesculapius, it was supposed to cure the sick. During the Middle Ages it became a highly important Christian image, nearly always appearing on the highest weathervane, on cathedral towers and domes, and was regarded as an allegory of vigilance and resurrection. The cock announcing the sunrise is sometimes associated with the Resurrection of Christ. The rooster is also as an emblem of light dispelling darkness and announcing the light of Christ as it rises in the East. The rooster is a symbol of pride because of its appearance. Recently it became an emblem of France since the word gallus, meaning the cock, is similar to Gallic. The rooster as a Masonic symbol is a sign of vigilance and the advent of the initiation light. It corresponds to the alchemical mercury.